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Both of Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi’s parents were professional tennis players, and at the age of 10 she competed in her first Under 12s Junior European Championship in Blois, France. At the age of 12, Elena was ranked as number 3 in her age group in Europe, and at 14 years old she had moved up to rank as number 2 in Europe behind only Monica Seles, who she lost out to in the finals of that year.

Elena went on to have a successful career in professional tennis, retiring from the sport in 2001 largely as a result of an injury sustained in October 2019.

Stepping into the World of Finance

While recovering from her injury in Switzerland, Elena had the opportunity to interview for a role in finance. At the time, many of the large banks were looking for individuals with connections to the world of sport and entertainment.

After gaining a decade of experience working for some of the biggest banks in Switzerland under the supervision of experienced and well-known senior private bankers, Elena became independent again as the managing partner of an asset management company based in Zurich.

Giving Something Back

Elena has previously spoken of her desire to give something back to the sport of tennis, offering free financial advice to current players in a bid to do so. She has also described the role of the WTA (of which she is a member) in supporting players and raising their awareness of the need to take care of their earnings and finances. Financial management, she says, is vital to ensure security once players retire from professional sport, and positioning oneself for the future should be a primary concern.

Personal Life and Passions

Elena still derives a great deal of joy from playing tennis, and she claims that she owes her success in the financial world to the discipline and tenacity she learnt on the tennis court. For Elena, her dedication, hard work and focus have also been key to achieving her goals.

Elena lives with her husband and son in Switzerland and says that Tessin is her favorite part of the country due to its warm and sunny weather. She also enjoys visiting the older sections of Zurich to appreciate the well-maintained historic buildings, as well as the great boutiques and coffee shops located there. Elena loves to travel: Dubai is the place that she most enjoys jetting off to for a vacation. As well as the climate, close relatives living in the country make it the perfect holiday destination for the family.

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